Hot Water Boiler

Hot water boiler is a machine used for the production, storage, and distribution of hot water required in many different applications. It is particularly necessary in areas such as buildings, residences, hotels, LPG, LNG, CNG, and gasification plants, food production, cleaning services, and industrial facilities. These boilers typically derive energy from fuel sources and use this energy to heat water and produce hot water. The water inside the boiler is heated to high temperatures with the help of heating elements, thus obtaining hot water suitable for use.

Hot Water Boiler

Hot water boilers are also used to store hot water. This allows the hot water to be quickly available when needed. Hot water boilers produced by Ekotek Heat Technologies are manufactured with capacities ranging from 25,000 Kcal/H to 20,000,000 Kcal/H.

Hot water boilers are divided into two according to the temperature degrees of the hot water to be produced and the types of fuel; they are either solid fuel hot water boiler or liquid gas fuel hot water boiler. Hot water boilers are also commonly known by the general public as central heating systems.

Hot Water Boiler Products

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The Operating Principle of a Hot Water Boiler

The fundamental function of hot water boilers is to heat and store water. These boilers typically use fuel sources (such as natural gas, coal, etc.) or heating elements (resistances, steam) to heat the water. The heated water is then stored in an insulated storage compartment. When hot water is needed, the stored hot water is mixed with cold water to achieve the desired temperature.

Applications of a Hot Water Boiler

Hot water boilers have a wide range of applications, providing efficient production, storage, and distribution of hot water. Some of the common areas where hot water boilers are used include:

  1. Residential Buildings: Used in homes to provide hot water for bathrooms, kitchens, and general use.
  2. Hotels and Resorts: Employed in accommodation facilities to meet guests' hot water needs.
  3. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Essential for sterilization, washing, and patient care.
  4. Industrial Facilities: Needed for manufacturing processes, cleaning, heating, and various industrial operations.
  5. Swimming Pools and Spa Centers: Used for comfort and hygiene purposes in pools and spas.
  6. Agricultural Applications: Required for tasks like greenhouse cultivation, providing hot water for plant growth.
  7. Heating Systems: Utilized to transport and distribute hot water in heating systems.

Hot water boilers offer a versatile solution for producing, storing, and distributing hot water effectively across various sectors.

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