Warranty Conditions

All boilers and floor heating products produced in our Ekotek factory are guaranteed for “2 years”. The warranty conditions of our heating boiler products are clearly stated below. Ekotek heating boiler warranty conditions are officially stated in this letter and in the “Warranty Certificate” given to our customers who purchased the boiler.

  1. All parts on the heating boilers produced are under the guarantee of our company. The warranty period is 2 years, starting from the date of sale of the boiler.
  2. “Maintenance and repair period” will be added to the warranty period. The warranty period starts from the date of notification of the manufacturer.
  3. If the boiler fails due to material and manufacturing faults while it is under warranty, it will be repaired free of charge by our company.
  4. The selection of parts required for fault repair belongs to our company.
  5. We accept and undertake to fulfill our guarantee obligations, and if we do not, the situation will be announced to the public by the “Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade”. Consumers; have the right to notify the company of any disputes between them and the maintenance, repair and service personnel.
  6. Our company always continues to support the consumer for boilers whose warranty period has expired.
  7. Troubleshooting can be done at the location of the heating boiler or at the factory. It is essential that the customer finds this appropriate.
  8. Shipping and travel costs are borne by the customer.

Is Every Product Guaranteed?

Apart from the above conditions, you can ask your questions by writing to us on our contact page.

  • Is every product guaranteed for 2 years? Products may have different warranty periods depending on the segment. Please ask
  • Are products sold abroad covered by the warranty? Our products are under warranty all over the world.