Thermal Oil Boiler - Superheated Oil Boiler

Thermal oil boiler is a machine used to harness heat power in industrial facilities, operating at lower pressures compared to steam boilers. These systems, unlike steam boilers, do not require water conditioning, allowing you to save on labor costs. They are systems that deliver the required heat to the operation.

Thermal Oil Boiler - Superheated Oil Boiler

Hot oil systems produced by Ekotek Heat Technologies safely reach temperature ranges of 120°C - 320°C with a constant heat source provided by the filled heat transfer oil, and they can operate between 6-10 bars depending on the installation connection.

Hot oil boilers come in various models based on capacity, material, and design features. Depending on the fuel type, these boilers are divided into solid fuel hot oil boiler and liquid gas fuel hot oil boiler.

Thermal Oil Boiler - Superheated Oil Boiler Products

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Thermal Oil Boiler Working Principle

The working principle of hot oil boilers involves a cycle where oil is heated to high temperatures and stored. The interior of the boiler is lined with materials that can withstand high temperatures. At the bottom of the boiler, there are fuel sources or heating elements.

Through these sources, the oil is heated, rises within the boiler, and when it reaches a certain temperature level, it is drawn for use in industrial processes.

Areas of Application for Thermal Oil Boilers

Hot oil boilers have a wide range of applications across various industries. The areas of application for hot oil boilers include:

  1. Food Processing: Used for heating or frying processes at high temperatures during food production.

  2. Chemical Manufacturing: Can be used in processes requiring high temperatures for chemical reactions.

  3. Energy Production: Employed in power plants for heat transfer and energy generation.

  4. Plastic and Rubber Production: Assist in controlling temperatures during polymer processing.

  5. Paint and Coating Industry: High-temperature oils may be needed for surface coating processes.

  6. Paper Production: Used for drying and processing paper pulp.

These boilers are designed to efficiently and safely carry out high-temperature processes.

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