Solid Fuel Residential Boilers

Solid fuel floor heating is a type of underfloor heating system used to heat a building or a space, typically using solid fuels such as wood, coal, or sawdust as fuel. In this system, the heat obtained from the combustion of solid fuels is transmitted to the floor through special pipes or panels and spreads homogeneously upwards from the floor. Thus, by heating the floor of the space, comfortable heating is provided in the room.

Solid Fuel Residential Boilers

Solid Fuel Residential Boilers Products

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Working Principle of Solid Fuel Floor Heating

  1. Fuel Feeding: In this type of system, solid fuels used (such as wood, coal, sawdust) are fed into a special combustion chamber or unit. Here, the combustion of the fuel is ensured and heat is produced during combustion.

  2. Heat Transfer: The high-temperature gases resulting from the combustion process are transmitted to special pipes or panels that carry the heat. These pipes or panels are laid under the floor.

  3. Floor Heat Absorption: Heat carrying pipes or panels absorb the heat in the floor and transmit this heat to the surface of the floor, heating the floor.

  4. Room Temperature: The heated floor evenly distributes heat into the room, ensuring the space is heated. At the same time, the heat concentrated in areas close to the surface of the floor keeps the soles of the feet warm.

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