Economizers are devices that utilize waste heat from flue gases to meet various needs such as heating feedwater, providing hot air, and fulfilling hot water demands. The internal unit of the economizer is optionally manufactured from 316L stainless steel seamless pipes.

It ensures maximum energy savings with high heat transfer.


Economizers undergo quality control at every stage of production. Our economizer models are designed to maximize heat transfer with finned tubes.

They are designed to cool the flue gas down to a temperature where corrosion cannot occur, harnessing its energy and thereby maintaining high boiler thermal efficiency for maximum fuel savings; they are designed to make the most of heat conduction.

Economizer Features and Benefits

  • Blends seamlessly with its aesthetic appearance in any environment.
  • Provides ease of use with dimensions suitable for your facility.
  • Can be easily cleaned due to its suitable manufacturing structure.
  • Our company, EKOTEK, is a registered brand, and it is controlled and inspected by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
  • Welding processes are carried out by certified welders in accordance with approved WPS and WPQRs.
  • All materials used in production are certified.
  • Our products are manufactured using S235JR quality steel sheets in accordance with EN288 and EN287-1 standards.
  • Our products are made using boiler tubes produced from steel of P235GH and higher quality in accordance with TS EN 10217-2 norms.
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