Degasser Tank

Degasser Tank

The Degasser Tank is manufactured from 316L stainless steel. The degasser performs the degassing process at a temperature of 102°C and a pressure of 0.2 Bar. It is used for the degassing of free O2 and CO2 in the Condensate Tank. This prevents possible pinholes in the boiler body, which could be the size of a lentil. Optionally, it can be covered with galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel sheeting.

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The tank has the necessary fixture connection flanges on top and steam distribution collectors and pipes for mixture-type heating at its base. Centrifugal or step-type pumps are used to feed water to the degasser as needed and according to the level of the degasser. It is manufactured in the appropriate diameter, size, and thickness according to capacity. Depending on the type of degasser and the layout of the boiler room, it can be manufactured from P 265 GH or P 355 GH boiler sheet in horizontal cylindrical or dome-headed types. It is covered with insulation material of suitable density and thickness.

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