Mobile Boiler Rooms

Mobile Boiler Rooms

Mobile Boiler Systems refer to portable or movable boiler systems. These systems are commonly used in various industrial applications such as power generation, heating, or providing process heat.

Mobile boilers can utilize different types of fuels, offering flexibility in energy production from various sources such as natural gas, diesel, coal, or biomass, including solid-liquid-gas fuels. Their package design and portability make them easy to install, providing users with a practical and convenient installation experience. These boiler systems can be mounted in containers specifically designed for transportation. The use of a container facilitates easy transportation, enabling their utilization in different projects or locations.

Portable steam boilers, hot oil boilers, or hot water boilers produced by Ekotek Heat Technology are designed to meet your specific needs.

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Mobile Boiler Rooms Products

Storm Series - Liquid Gas Fuel High Pressure Steam Boiler
  • Steam Production Capacity: 175 kg/h - 32.000 kg/h
  • Working Pressure: 3 – 16 Bar
Mega Volt Series - Electric Steam Generator
  • Steam Production Capacity: 50kg/h - 1500 kg/h
  • Working Pressure: 1 - 16 Bar
Phoenix Series - Liquid Gas Fuel Superheated Oil Boiler
  • Heat Capacity: 100.000 Kcal/h – 10.000.000 Kcal/h

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