Mobile Boiler Rooms

Mobile Boiler Systems refer to portable or mobile boiler systems. These systems are known for their quick installation and ease of transport, offering a wide range of applications. They are used in various industrial applications such as energy production, heating, or providing process heat.


Mobile Boiler Rooms

Mobile boilers can use different types of fuel, providing flexibility in energy production from various sources such as natural gas, diesel, coal, or biomass, including solid-liquid-gas fuels. Being package-type and designed as portable units, they offer users a practical and easy installation experience. These boiler systems can be mounted on specially designed containers for transportation.

Ekotek Heat Technologies, specializing in the production of portable steam boilers, hot oil boilers, or hot water boilers, designs the most suitable system for your needs.

Mobile Boiler Rooms Products

Our product series can be customized according to your needs. For details, review our products or contact us through the request form

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