Hot Air Boiler

Hot air boilers, are heating devices used to produce hot air in industrial and commercial areas. These devices are generally used where process heat or hot air is needed to provide energy efficiency and economy.

Hot Air Boiler

Hot air boilers are divided into two as solid fuel (lignite coal, bran, pine cone, pellet etc. granular fuels) or liquid gas fuel according to the type of fuel.

Hot Air Boiler Products

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Working Principle of Hot Air Boiler

The basic working principle of hot air boilers is the production of hot air by transferring the heat energy released as a result of the combustion of fuel (coal, natural gas, oil, etc.) to the air.

This process takes place through the heat transfer surfaces inside the boiler. Depending on the design of the boiler and its purpose of use, these heat transfer surfaces can be different structures such as pipes, plates, or rotors. The combustion chamber and the suction air system are important components for the efficient operation of hot air boilers.

Usage Areas of Hot Air Boiler

Hot air boilers have a wide range of uses and are used for different purposes in various industries. Some of the usage areas are as follows:

  1. Industrial Facilities: It is used to provide process heat in sectors such as chemistry, textiles, food, paper.
  2. Greenhouse Farming: It is preferred to provide hot air in plant cultivation environments.
  3. Drying Applications: It is used in drying materials such as pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, wood.
  4. Heat Recovery: It is used in facilities where energy efficiency is provided by evaluating the heat of combustion gases.
  5. Air Conditioning: It can be used to produce hot air in heating and ventilation systems of large buildings.
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