Electric Thermal Oil Boiler

Electric thermal oil boiler is systems that are generally preferred in industrial applications and provide heat energy by using electrical power. As you mentioned, these boilers operate at high temperature and low pressure with the power it receives from electricity.

Electric Thermal Oil Boiler

Such boilers are generally used in various industrial fields such as textile, food processing, chemical and petrochemical industries. They serve as an effective heat source in processes that require high temperatures.

Electric Thermal Oil Boiler Products

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Heat transfer oil used in electric hot oil boilers offers some advantages over water. It is more resistant to petrification, calcification, sediment formation and corrosive effects. This results in lower maintenance requirements and long-term use of the system.

The energy efficiency of electric thermal oil boilers can vary depending on the source of electricity used and the design. However, since there is no direct combustion process, such boilers are generally considered more environmentally friendly.

The initial investment costs and operating costs of electric thermal oil boilers can vary depending on the electricity tariffs used and maintenance requirements. However, their low-maintenance nature can provide cost advantages in the long run.

While these electrically powered boilers can reach high temperatures, their ability to operate at low pressure reduces safety risks. Low pressure also ensures a longer system life.

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