About Us

Ekotek Heat Technologies Inc. was established in 1999 and operates in the field of heating systems. Since 2004, it has been manufacturing and exporting industrial steam boilers, thermal oil boilers, and hot water boilers.

With a production area of 3,000 square meters, we stand alongside all industries engaged in production of industrial goods. With over 20 years of experience in steam boilers, thermal oil boilers, industrial hot water boilers, and floor heating systems, we export to more than 20 countries from the Aydın Organized Industrial Zone.

Certificates: TSE, CE, ISO 9001:2015, EAC, Breau Veritas

About Our Quality

Ekotek, in line with the requirements of the heating systems industry, has set its mission to design cost-effective boilers with solid fuel combustion systems that evolve in response to the needs. We aim to produce boilers with high combustion efficiency. In this regard, the upper management and employees have established the principles and objectives used to create visions and strategies for the future, as outlined below.

As one of the essential foundations for healthy growth, we have established and certified the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. By fulfilling the requirements of the TSE Certificate and the CE Mark, we manufacture products that can meet the commercial and economic conditions of the European Union.

Our company, EKOTEK, is monitored and audited by the trademark-registered and ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Each product is certified with the CE mark according to Module B (design) + Module F (production) of the TSE Standard. Certified welders conduct welding processes in accordance with approved WPS and WPQR. These welding processes are subjected to radiographic testing in proportions outlined by the standards. Our welds also undergo ultrasonic, radiographic, and penetrant tests conducted by an authorized firm.

The Path to Quality and Trust

Creating a more efficient and comfortable physical environment in our factory where we manufacture radiator systems, central heating boilers, and industrial boilers has become a primary goal. Increasing our current production capacity, establishing a quality service network through dealerships, and expanding our customer base are also top priorities.

We aim to organize and enhance our processes to consistently meet legal requirements. Through continuous improvement initiatives, we strive to perfect all our processes. Developing new products in line with customer demands and evolving combustion techniques is a key objective of Ekotek Boiler Company.