Dragon Series - Solid Fuel Thermal Oil Boiler

Dragon Series - Solid Fuel Thermal Oil Boiler

Dragon Series solid fuel hot oil boiler operates at high temperature and low pressure. The heat transfer oil used in the system can be used for a long time without causing negative effects such as fouling or scaling in the boiler. There is no need for any conditioning unit in the heat transfer oil. Freezing in the installation is not experienced under normal conditions.

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Ekotek Heat Technologies utilizes 5 different safety systems in its solid fuel hot oil boilers:

  • Oil Temperature
  • Mechanical Pressure
  • Digital Pressure
  • Combustion Safety
  • Flue Gas Temperature Controls

Additionally, all safety systems, including boiler oil circulation, are used in duplicate as standard packages.

Upon request, a PLC control system can be added. With optional features such as PLC Touchscreen control and Modbus RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), you have complete control. Harness the power with Ekotek technology.

Ekotek Heat Technologies specializes in designing different combustion systems tailored to your needs. Our designs include Stoker-Fed, Screw-Fed, Rotary Grate, and Piston-Moving Grate configurations. Our boilers are designed for a minimum of 4,500 kcal/h (flame temperature of 1200°C) based on fuel. For burning lower calorific value fuels, please contact our company for more information.

Dragon Series Solid Fuel Hot Oil Boiler - Features and Advantages

  • Thanks to the use of thermal oil instead of water in the installation, it leaves no sediment and has no corrosive effects.
  • Operating and maintenance costs are low.
  • Compared to other fluids, it has high thermal conductivity coefficients.
  • Due to its high thermal conductivity coefficients, it provides higher heat transfer with less fuel energy.
  • Necessary control and automation equipment have been integrated into the system, along with the required safety measures.
  • Thanks to its modern design, it provides fuel savings.
  • Before each production, manufacturing begins under computer-aided design control.

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