Storm Series - Liquid Gas Fuel High Pressure Steam Boiler

The Storm Series liquid-gas fuel steam boiler provides high performance in intense and continuous working conditions and sudden steam withdrawals thanks to its large water and steam volume. It allows the possibility to obtain drier and higher energy steam due to its high heating surface. It offers comfortable and high-efficiency combustion performance with low counter pressure values.

Storm Series - Liquid Gas Fuel High Pressure Steam Boiler

Technical Specifications

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A steam boiler fueled by liquid-gas, is produced in a corrugated form according to pressure values, which are referred to as hearth and hellish. The strength and thermal stress resistance of the boiler have been increased in this way. Heat loss is prevented thanks to strong insulation with glass wool or stone wool.

Ekotek Heating Technologies uses 5 types of safety systems in steam boilers:

  • Steam Temperature,
  • Mechanical Pressure,
  • Digital Pressure,
  • Safety Valve,
  • Flue Temperature Controls, in addition, all safety systems, including boiler feed pumps, are used as a standard package in pairs

A PLC control system can be added if requested. If you want to have control, you must see our optional options!

Control your power with Ekotek technology.

With optional options; Plc Touch screen controlled, Modbus RTU (Remote Terminal Unit Rtu) is completely under your control.

Scotch type 3-pass boilers have earned the title of the longest-lasting and efficient boiler with their superior designs accepted all over the world.

Our boilers do not cause noise pollution with their quiet operation. It stands out with its compatibility in its environment with its stylish appearance. Installation and maintenance are easy.

**Upon request, our steam boilers can be delivered as a package with all accessories.

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