Above Ground Fuel Tank

Above Ground Fuel Tank

Our above-ground fuel tanks are manufactured as single and double-walled.

Used for the storage of liquid fuels and ranging in capacity from 1,000L to 100,000L, these above-ground fuel tanks are produced without heaters and are designed according to the type of fuel. They can be provided with or without insulation according to the customer's preference. Additionally, heaters can be connected to our tanks upon request. They come equipped with a level indicator and an air vent.

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Fuel tanks are categorized into two groups: underground and above-ground fuel tanks. Their body thickness is determined according to standards based on the volume of the fluid inside. Leak tests for the constructed fuel tanks are ensured through hydrostatic testing.

Above-ground fuel tanks are used for the storage of fuel and oil in above-ground conditions, such as fuel needs for heating systems or vehicle fuel requirements.

  • All materials used in production are certified.
  • Our products comply with TS EN 12285-2 Standard and the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, and they have a CE certificate.
  • Tanks produced in accordance with TS EN 12285 and TS 712 standards are manufactured from S235 JR sheet metal and are welded.

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