Panel Radiator size calculation; anyone who thinks to install a boiler or boiler in the house should have this knowledge.

A small calculation will allow you to make sure that the installation and the boiler you have chosen is correct.

Basic information for panel radiator size calculation

Practical panel radiator size calculation:

22 type panel radiator with 1 meter width and 60 cm height, 9-12 m² area is heating. This figure can be taken as a 1 meter panel for the average 10m² area when making practical calculations.

How many calories does a panel radiator give? A 22 cm honeycomb with 1 meter length and 60 cm height gives 1800Kcal / hour heat. The heat produced by the heater may vary depending on the model.

Panel radiator calculation with cubic meter:

An average energy consumption of 45 Kcal / hour per 1 m³ is provided.

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